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I hope everyone has had an AWESOME Summer! Whatever stage of life you're in- whether it's back to school, back to work, or just a change in the weather, I am excited to start our Fall Voice Lessons Together!


Here's a quick summary of what's new this Fall!

**STUDENT PAGE: Obviously, If you are reading this you have access to the new student page of the alliegardnermusic.com website. If you are reading this because of an email you got with the link to this specific post-- the page address is www.alliegardnermusic.com/students . When you get to the site, it will say GUEST AREA and require a password. The Password is AMGMusic. Make sure A.M.G and M are all capitalized. :)

On this student page, I will post the announcements of the studio, audition or performance opportunities that arise in our area. Additionally, there is a section with training videos and helpful How To's to aide you in your singing, songwriting and performing career.

I hope you will use these resources to the fullest to help you reach your performing goals.

** Lesson Format: I have received a lot of additional training in recent months and am revamping some of the "norms" of our studio. I believe that SPECIFIC goals bring SPECIFIC results. We need to be intentional in the way that we develop our talents and ourselves!

Here’s a typical lesson format. Lessons are taught in 30 minute increments. Times reflected in italics are an estimate, each lesson is totally different depending on needs but follow this basic format.


(1-2 minutes) The student will report what practicing they have done, honestly. There is no shame in a “I didn’t practice at all.” It is an honest accounting of what work was done each week. This helps me as a teacher know what things we need to work on that day, and helps the student understand that practicing is important to reaching goals. Students are not “guilted” for not practicing. They simply learn that practicing means progress and without it, we don’t progress!

Warm-Up: (10 minutes)

Next, we warm up. This is where MOST of the learning comes in. This is not just the preparation phase, but this is where we work with the voice to make sure that is functioning properly, that bad habits are being addressed and good ones are being formed. Do not be alarmed if on occasion this step appears to take a huge portion of the lesson time. This is where skills are acquired. This is what you came for. :)

Apply: (5 minutes)

Next, we tease the brain. We take the song and style each student is working on and superimpose a warm-up on top of it. We may sing nonsensical words instead of the written lyrics to the song. We may change some of the notes. Each ‘song warm-up’ is specifically created to help the student free the voice and allow it to function properly.

Perform: (5 -7 minutes)

Finally, we sing through the song with the specific changes that have been made in technique. Then we work on the emotion, telling the story, memorizing, and eventually delivering powerful performances that make people ‘feel’.

Each student is encouraged to use their talents for good- to help and serve other people. My motto is: “Bless! Not Impress!”

Review: (With the time that is left)

At the end, we review what we have covered and what we have achieved in the lesson, a quick review of the long, medium and short term goals we have set and step-by-step what I would like you to do to practice this week.

Because the last few minutes of lessons can be a whirlwind, dropping-off, picking up, deadlines getting going-- after your lesson, I send a detailed email with what we have covered, a step-by-step what to do to practice, and access to practice tracks, help videos etc. to make practicing & progress more achievable.

The time spent in each of these categories will completely depend on each student and their individual needs.

Lesson Recording: Students have always been encouraged to record their lessons for convenience in practicing. Starting in September, I will be recording every lesson & sending you the recording after every lesson. This is a great resource for practicing, helps me get better as a teacher, and serves as a protection from any misunderstandings that may arise from working with minors.

As a teacher, I spend many hours every week teaching minors & adults often isolated from the view of others. While I promise to always live worthy of your trust in never treating anyone inappropriately and ask that all of my students do the same towards me and other students, I will be recording lessons to protect from any false claims or misunderstandings. If your child is afraid to sing in front of you, or would not like you to be present in the room during lessons, you can have confidence in leaving them alone as you will receive a complete recording of the lessons given. You can never be too careful. Transparency is the best policy:)

Emails : After every lesson, I will send an email with a detailed summary of what was accomplished in the lesson, step-by-step how to practice the material, & links to videos or practice tracks that students can use to aide in their practicing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take advantage of these resources with your children. They will be very useful in helping them be successful.

I am VERY excited for this school year. :) We are going to have a great time! As always, never hesitate to get in contact with me if you have questions.



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